In my previous posts I talked about the Regent Street History, architecture, interesting spots and some guides for where to eat and drink. Here comes some tips for fashion and beauty.

Along Regent Street there are countless brands and shops and stores, some of them you’ve heard of, some haven’t.  There are 2 shops in particular I want to talk about on Regent Street.

1. Burberry Flagship store.

Back in my days at ELLE HK office, when the store was about to open, opening, opened, I’ve written more than 3 times about the store itself, but everytime I learn a little something, until this visit. I finally have the whole picture of what exactly it means by ” modern meeting historical heritage”. It is well-known that this flagship is completely renovated on the inside, but everything on the outside is being kept the way it was, and it is the most technologically advanced Burberry shop in the world. The reason why the store has been designed as such, is because in the past it was originally a cinema. When Christopher Bailey worked with the team to design the interior, he insisted on keeping everything original, some of the walls and ceilings you see now in the shop has only been exposed during the demolishing of the interior during the renovation.

Regent Street - Burberry

The layout now, set in layers and different staircases coming from different entrances, and the dome in the middle of the room where the big screen is, was where the main hall of the cinema projecting screen was. It was kept the original cinema layout, and all the events that Burberry are holding, when all the chairs, settings, shelves etc are flexibly arranged into different settings, they were all laid out in the cinematic setting which resonates to the historical root of the shop. This is where it all make a complete sense now that Burberry always hold live music events, live streaming of Fashion Show during fashion week right in the middle of the shop. Rumour has it they even recovered an old cinema organ that is now being kept somewhere in the shop as it is. So now you see how clever Christopher Bailey really is, and how much Burberry really cherish and respect the heritage and history of the building and the country.

Regent Street - Burberry 2 copy


2. Longchamp Shop

The second shop I want to talk about is the Longchamp shop on Regents Street. Similar to Burberry, the entire shop has to be demolished in the inside and redesign along with the original architecture of the building. Longchamp shop has a much smaller space than Burberry, but as you walk in, the huge windows and the use of glass and mirrors in the shop makes you feel as airy and bright. They also cleverly use all the space to create split mezzanine floors for different sections, with the use of colourful handbags as decoration on the wall, not only the shop has a very modern interior but also a touch of colour to brighten up the space.


There are so many more fashion brands on Regent Street, J Crew, COS, All Saints, H&M (it is where their headquarter is also, right above the store).. all brands want a spot on Regents Street.. and Hunter is about to open there too- it will only be better!

For those who are more into beauty and fragrance, there are 3 places I want to talk about here. (Again, way too many on the street I cannot possibly name them all either)

Oh on a side note, as you walk along Regent Street, try to see if you can spot some artwork done in collaboration with young artists. There will be 13 pieces of public art as you walk along..

Here’s one for you :
Can you see what this gate is?
IMG_8870Answer is the wheels of a watch.
An Age, An Instant by young British artist Rona Smith. A stunning set of bronze gates and a detailed bronze and stone undercroft, that will form the entrance to New Burlington Mews.
In the old days, Burlington Mews was where most of London’s watch-makers are, that’s why she created a gate that resonates and connect to the heritage of this place.

1. Penhaligon’s
I’ve recently gained an interest in fragrance, due to work, I started to learn more about fragrance, and I just love the story behind the creation of a fragrance. It is such a personal yet powerful little thing, that can trigger the deepest emotion and memories vividly. But I also try to avoid mainstream fragrance because I want something more personal, that speaks to me on a deeper level. So I went to Penhaligon’s. I’ve walked pass this shop loads of times and could not figure out what it is by viewing the window, and then I walked in, and realized it’s another world! Established since 1870, started as a men’s barbar shop , William Penhaligon and his predecessors had created more than 34 distinct scent of fragrance since then. Not only they have really rare and unique scent of fragrance, their packaging and interior design are also gorgeous.  Oh did I say it is also holder of 2 royal warrants?
Regent Street - Penhaligon's
Regent Street - Penhaligon's 2
2. Kiko Milano
The other store I want to talk about is Kiko Milano. I first came across this brand when one of my friend told me she’s so happy London has opened a shop and she loves this brand. But I wasn’t paying attention as by now you should have known (if you’ve read my previous posts), that I am 98% bare face, 2% putting on maybe just an eyeliner and some concealer when I have to? Anyway, so this gave me an excuse to not know about this brand until recently. Not only this brand has countless choices of products and colour… their prices are unbelievably reasonable and affordable. Now I understand why the store is ALWAYS crowded no matter when.
Ok so I have to admit, I didn’t know Kiko is an Italian brand because it sounds more Japanese to me for some reason..Kiko Milano believes that “Be what you want to be” is what all women should live up to. Founded in 1997, all the products of Kiko are genuinely made in Italy, from skincare to makeup products, there is something for someone. Just by walking into the shop, I already enjoyed browsing through all the colour palettes of all the products… like a kid walking into a candy store…

Kiko Interior 003

3. The Organic Pharmacy
The last one I want to talk about is the organic pharmacy. My skin is slightly sensitive at times, so I need the mildest products, and not all over-the-counter brands work for me. At the organic pharmacy, I love their rose petal cleansing mask, it is very gentle, cleanse and exfoliates as it says. I was first being introduced to this mask when I was having a rose crystal lymphatic facial, I have to say, I really saw the radiance after the facial and I definitely felt and look recharged in less than 60mins! The products are very mild and effective, next time whenever I want to pamper myself a bit but not letting my skin to be irritated, I know where to go!

Regent Street - The Organic Pharmacy 2


So, I hope by now you have a better idea of what and where to go on Regent Street, next time when you plan your trip, it will more than just be “a main road that leads to Oxford Circus” !