So, in the last post I’ve talked a little about the history of Regent Street, now let me share some tips on food and drinks on Regent Street. It is one straight main road, but at times it is also quite confusing and navigating becomes difficult especially with the constant crowd walking in all directions on the street.  To help anyone saving time on locating where they are and where they want to go, Regent Street and Beacon had worked together and developed an app too make your life easier. Using Bluetooth technology to communicate with beacons in each store, so that as shoppers walk past, they receive alerts direct to their mobile phone about a range of things, from information about new products and upcoming events to exclusive offers only available to those shopping on the Street that day. Pretty handy isnt it?

So now, some places to eat and drink. Of course, food and drinks are always important to me – food always comes first. I don’t even know where and how to begin because there are countless of places for food and drinks on Regent Street. If you want supermarket, there’s Wholefoods near Piccadilly Circus, a hidden outdoor area at the back of Heddon Street.. IMG_8871
On a side note…anyone recognize this place? No. 23 Heddon Street…

Brian Ward's picture from Ziggy Stardust shoot 1972
Its the location where the album cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was shot in the 1970s.

Back to food.. one of my favourite spot is Aqua Nueva .. owned by the same Aqua group in Hong Kong, Aqua Nueva has some lovely rooftop bar areas where you can chill in style under the sun, or have a romantic date night under the moonlight (provided that you’re lucky enough to catch a good weather day here)..I was lucky to be there on a very beautiful day with lots of spaces around. (trust me it can be more packed than you think it could be!) Aqua Nueva has two sides, no- 3! on the same floor there is Aqua Spirit (cocktail bar), Aqua Kyoto (contemporary Japanese) and Aqua Nueva (Contemporary Spanish and Tapas Bar).




Regent Street - aqua kyoto JPG


Another place that many people may not even know it exists, is actually a bar INSIDE Hackett store can actually have a drink there while you’re waiting for your boyfriend/husband to do all the shopping ..the whole idea is to provide a lounging area and time for everyone who wants to spend more time in the store rather than rushing for target pieces and go…


If you like coffee or tea..I mean some more exclusive or special blends, ……be sure to make a stop at East India Company. It is not on the main street but just slightly further down Conduit Street. East India Company was granted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600 as a royal charter to explore the East, where trading of tea between east and west began. There you can find some really special blends of tea and coffee, unique flavours of biscuits and chocolates etc. There they also offer free coffee and tea tasting, and the staff are so knowledgeable that they can tell you the history behind all kinds of tea and coffee there.

Regent Street - The East India Company






Some old coins they used as decoration at the cashier counter IMG_8848



if you want afternoon tea or a pre-theatre drink…there’s the also recently reopened Hotel Cafe Royal and the list can go on…..
So you see… how do I even begin to tell you where to look for food and drinks on Regent Street? For a full list of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels etc on Regent Street, you can look it up here.