I’ve heard so much about how beautiful lingerie can make a woman feel sexy and empowered.. I have to say, it does take a while for some women to get to eventually appreciate the power of a set of sexy lingerie.

And when a sexy woman designs some already sexy lingerie….? Ooh la la it’s on fire! So when I heard about the super-hot L’Agent by Agent Provocateur (Agent Provocateur’s sister lingerie collection in collaboration with Penelope and Monica Cruz ) campaign film, written and directed by, and starring, Penélope Cruz, with choreography courtesy of The Tracy Anderson Method..I couldn’t help but take a look at the teaser of the clip and wanting to watch the complete version of it.


The director’s cut will be out on August 1st, coinciding with the launch of the new Autumn Winter collection, and the launch of the brand new website. For Autumn Winter 2014 L ’Agent by Agent Provocateur is the lost explorer’s sparkling mirage under a blistering hot sun, and it all begins with a fantasy of a man who’s near death crawling in the hot desert in the middle of nowhere.. and suddenly seeing a group of beautiful sexy women dancing in all colourful lingerie…….and I’ll let you find out the rest of the story!


Before you go onto the new website and watch the director’s cut, here’s a little teaser for you to get a feeling….

simply too hot to deal with!