I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, that for my beauty regime (if there is even one) is extremely minimal, so as my daily cleansing regime. I had a bit of struggle with over-the-counter beauty products because my skin is quite sensitive, until SaraJane introduced me to her own brand Tru. I was a bit scared to try out a new brand, but for some reason, SaraJane’s passion triggered my curiosity of whether it truly works as it says.

As said on the brand, The Tru Brand is what SaraJane Lynch genuinely believe, and hoping to convince women to believe that it is a brand with products that truly works. I had given my fair time of trial to the products, and I even brought them along with me back to Hong Kong to give them a try in the hot and humid weather. With just a cleanser, a spray toner and a lotion moisturizer, 3 simple things and I’ve got few compliments on my improved skin condition when I went back to Hong Kong. I barely wear any make up on any given day, and now if I feel like I need a lift, I just wash my face, moisturize and put on some CC Cream with SPF and then I’ll go… maybe a simple eyeliner for evening.

The Tru Brand candidly explains why their ingredients are included and how they benefit the skin, jargon-free. Tru has been specifically designed for high maintenance skin but not exclusively for. There are only 3 products in the line at the moment, but they are really all you need. I would highly recommend the Liftonic Toning Treatment, for me it is the most soothing spray after cleaning my face, but it is also the one that used up quickest.

Skincare is very personal, but believing is part of how a new habit or ritual is being formed. Currently only available online at and Fenwick, it worked for a lazy woman like me. I do think it deserves a chance for high-maintenance women who barely have time to complicates the daily beauty regime.