There are times in life that either you don’t do something, or you do it the best possible way you can. In my entire life, for some reason I’m somewhat reluctant to eat or even try oysters. I’ve only started enjoying seafood during my university years, however I had been enjoying too much that I believe I’ve used up most of my life’s quota on shellfish. For some reason I get slightly allergic to shellfish and making me more reluctant to try oysters.

So when I visited Wright Brothers Spitalfields, I was a bit worried that what could I order at an oyster house. Opened in 2013 Mid December, Wright Brothers Spitalfields is the group’s fourth restaurant (the rest are: Oyster & Porter House in Borough Market, Soho Oyster House and The Ferryboat Inn in Cornwall.)

Located on Lamb Street, Wright Brothers Spitalfields has taken over a double-fronted historic unit within the original infrastructure of Old Spitalfields Market. Accessible from both inside the market and from the street, the space caters for up to 60 inside and 26 on the covered market terrace. A number of different seating areas within the restaurant allow guests to choose between banquette seating, the energy and theatre of dining at the stunning Carrara marble bar, or an intimate booth beside the drinks bar.
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As one of the UK’s most respected seafood wholesalers, Wright Brothers is in the unique position of being able to source oysters directly from its own Duchy Oyster Farm, part of the private estate of HRH The Prince of Wales on the Helford River in Cornwall. Here Wright Brothers cultivate over 10 million native and pacific oysters. The restaurant will also serve the freshest day boat fish and shellfish possible, all sustainably sourced and the majority from Cornish fishermen.
So I looked at the menu and day’s special, I finally decided to go for smoked mackerel as appetizer, rainbow trout as main and a selection of oysters from different areas, and a chocolate and caramel pot for dessert.
The smoked mackerel was really fresh, think japanese sashimi but with seasonings. Portion was good and it’s a refreshing start for the dinner. IMG_5918
I basically made up my mind when I heard about the rainbow trout on that day’s special. Its slowly heated at 50C for 25 mins in the kitchen, paired with asparagus and sauce made with egg white. The reason why I said it’s heated is because the trout was placed in a hot area in the kitchen at that specific temperature, so that the heat would slowly cook the rainbow trout from all sides, and it is not even placed on a pan or a hob or anything. I have to say, it is impeccable. I’ve never tried any rainbow trout that melts in your mouth and tasting so fresh with minimal marinate. IMG_5906
As for the oysters, they came from different areas, such as Scotland, Canada and France. I was encouraged by my friend and the waitress to give a try at the different oysters, with my lack of experiences, I still managed to taste the difference between the texture, taste and the aftertaste of the varieties we ordered. They are definitely fresh and surprisingly acceptable price range. I’ve never had such fresh oysters and this experience changed my perception on oysters for sure. I actually brought my family to Wright Brothers again just for the oysters.

As for dessert, it is to my surprise that a seafood-specialised house can do some really tasty dessert. I ordered this caramel chocolate pot, it’s sweet and after all the seafood, the portion is just right to end the night.
I was lucky enough that night. Not only I had been able to meet the owner of the group, I was also being shown around and given a lecture on oysters and how the restaurants are keeping them fresh and maintaining the high quality. As I went downstairs, I was given a tour into the temple of the oyster place. Here everything is kept very professional and of the highest standard possible. In order to keep the oysters fresh and well and alive, the water system had been installed to make sure the temperature, pressure, pH value, oxygen level etc etc everything that needs to keep the oysters healthy must be accurate. Oysters being sourced from everywhere being transported to this room, and it is the place to recreate an environment that imitates the water where these oysters grow and live. Every tray of oysters will be closely monitored and checked on an hourly base by a professional oyster specialist in the restaurant so as to minimize the potential loss and harm being down to the oysters.


So with the biological, geological and chemical elements that has been incorporated into the system, this oyster room is what makes the restaurant so good at providing fresh and high quality oysters, not only to customers but also as one of the country’s finest specialist seafood wholesalers, supplying over 150 prominent restaurants and chefs across the UK.


It was not only an eye-opening tour to me, never in my life I had been to a place that actually keeps all the oysters from different areas alive and healthy, but also a whole new experience for me- learned so much about oysters, and tasted so many different oysters in one single night.  If you are a seafood lover, oyster in particular, Wright Brothers Spitalfields is a place that you cannot miss.


Wright Brothers Spitalfields

8/9 Lamb Street,
Old Spitalfields Market,
London E1 6EA
020 7377 8706