They say eyes are windows to the soul, it is true.
you can pretty much tell a lot about a person's eyes..especially if they are tired-looking…
So those who know me knows that I'm not really a devoted beauty follower, my beauty routine is simple (if there is even one that I can call ) – cleanse, moisturize for day, and cream for night. and no make up on everyday basis- if I really have to wear make up, it will only be the foundation plus eyeliner.
so the only product that I'm really concern about the effectiveness, is eye cream.
I strongly believe that if your eyes look lifted and well-rested, your entire face brightens up. It gives you so much energy and confidence when your eyes are looking bright.

So a while ago, I was being introduced to this Italian skincare brand Peter Simone, Pietro Simone Lava ( the founder and creator of the brand) believes that skincare products has to be in its purest and safest form in order to work best. Spending over 20 years of reserach and dedication, he created formulars using the very latest ingredients that give efficient and tried and tested performance without the use of harmful or useless substances. The brand is about finding the best balance between nature and scientically advanced ingredients, and by choosing its main active ingredients in the permitted maximum concentrations, these are biologically  “recognized” by skin guaranteeing the maximum benefits. 

I tried their signature product Smoothing Eye Contour Cream. This eye cream is said to have been spefically designed as a 360 'eye fix' for under and around the eye area as well as glabellar lines between and above the brows. 
So I tried.. and here's how I feel about the product :
1. it's not oily
2. its light but not watery
3. immediately the fine lines around the corner of my eyes appears to be less visible
4. after few nights my eyes are looking less puffy when i wake up in the morning.
5. I managed to remain looking well-rested with no make up on


Of course, the whole product line is not just about eye contouring, I also tried the AM Nectar moisturize (a fresh gel-like moisturizer for mornings), and a weekly mask (perfect for lazy people like me). Both products gave me the right amount of moisturizing I needed, and easily absrobed making my morning routine even quicker.
I like the texture of the products, and they seem to do no harm to my sensitive skin too. I know that beauty and skincare products are very personal, and you won't know if it works for you or not until you've tried it out for a consecutive amount of time, but I've tried this, and it seems to be very mild to my skin, so I'd say it's worth giving a try!




Also.. the packaging is really beautiful too…

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