"I'm still alive" says Jean Paul Gaultier.
If you're a fashion fan, or has a passion in fashion, you must be know who is Jean Paul Gaultier… or there must be something reminds you of Jean Paul Gaultuer… (the cone-bra that Madmoiselle Madonna wore…? anyone?? )

so last Sunday, I took a trip to Barbican Art Gallery (my first time there honestly..) to see the exhibition "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk".  "London for me, is a very special place", he says in his introduction about this exhibition. The exhibition includes a very good selection of Gaultier's very best and iconic pieces, illustrating how he took inspiration from streets to catwalk, and from his muse to his collections.

This exhibition .. to me it was amazing… because
1. The mannequins has a face, facial expressions, and they speak and sing!
2. Spread over 2 floors, the exhibition was curated into different sections by theme with an explanation given
3. I'm THIS (1-2"away) close to all the beautiful clothers with the most amazing fabrics and photos that I had to keep reminding myself every 2 minutes that "DO NOT touch" them..
4. visitors are allowed to take photos and videos as long as no flash lights are on
5. there's a free app on the mobile that you can download, which actually guides you through the entire ehxibition
6. it's simply amazing.

In order not to spoil the fun of exploring the exhibition yourselves, here are some of my favourites.
IMG_5554-1 IMG_55441 IMG_55461 IMG_55561 IMG_55651 IMG_55781 IMG_55811 IMG_55991 IMG_56091 IMG_5551 IMG_5552-1


For those of you who cannot make it to the exhibition – here's a gallery of some of the beautiful exhibits.
The exhibition runs from 9 April – 25 August 2014 at the Art Gallery of Barbican.

On the extenstion of this exhibition, Jean Paul Gaultier also invites you to be his guest to take a look at his graphic design work from early 1980s till now. This admission free exhibition is held at Fashion Space Gallery of London College of Fashion on John Princes Street.