Ever feel like it's a hassel when you have to plan your outfits for a night out straight after work?
Something that is work-appropriate but not boring…something that's dressy but not outrageous…
well here's a solution for you.
If you havent already heard about A-Line, you may want to check it out.
UK based brand with European heritage and London innovation, A-Line is a contemporary womenswear brand distinguished by sleek, innovative tailoring and quality natural fabrics. Designer Anne-Sophie explained the concept of blending urban elegance with femininity, creating a sense of casual chic with a twist of delicacy. 
I've had the opportunity to meet Anne-Sophie and she gave me an insight to her studio in the heart of Shoreditch. East London, and her collection and a sneakpeak of what she's currently working on for SS15 collection.
There are soft lambskin leather, delicate lace insert, lasercut details, patterned velvet, textured cotton….
Having seen and feel the fabric myself, they are genuinely comfortable and good to be considered as affordable luxury everydaywear.
Constantly inspired by the London scene and people, Anne-Sophie finds it very fascinating and interesting that stimulates her creativity.

The brand might be new but Anne-Sophie definitely is skillful and experienced. For the coming FW14 collection, watch out for the minimalist tailoring with metallic sheen, textured fabrics and geometric prints, a little futuristic fun for you.

a soft leather flared cropped jacket from SS14 collection.

A-linefw142 A-linefw141
left: very warm and light coat, right : pale purple one piece dress from FW14 collection

5 things you need to know about A-Line the brand, and Anne-Sophie Koehler the designer :
1. Anne-Sophie Koehler has both French and German heritage.
2. Anne-Sophie studied and is currently based in London.
3. A-Line was founded in 2013
4. All materials are sourced in Europe, all products are made in Europe and London.
5.Anne-Sophie is always interested in working with new creatives and discovering new technology and fabrics.

Anne-Sophie Koehler : “I’m intrigued by the fluidity of society today,”

A-Line是個英國的品牌,同時有着歐洲的傳統和倫敦的創新,融合時尚、新穎的剪裁和優質的材料。設計師Anne-Sophie Koehler解釋這是混合城市優雅與女性嫵媚的概念,營造休閒與雅緻的感覺。

柔軟的小羊皮皮革,精緻的喱士, Lasercut細節,以天鵝絨製成的不同圖案等….

你需要知道關於品牌A-Line和設計師 Anne-Sophie的5件事:
1. Anne-Sophie Koehler擁有有法國和德國的血統。
2. Anne-Sophie 在倫敦讀書,目前總部在東倫敦。
3. 品牌於2013年創立
4. 所有材料均採購自歐洲,所有產品生產於歐洲和倫敦。
5. Anne-Sophie 有興趣與不同creatives工作,不斷發掘新的技術和物料。