Gone were the beautiful Faberge exhibition, and with the arrival of May (can you believe it's almost mid-year already?), it's Prada's time! Almost the entire London is celebrating the Italian fashion and culture at the moment, and as one of the most  classic yet innovative luxury fashion brand that is so rich in its Italian heritage, Prada is joining the celebration in collaboration with Harrods.

The month-long celebration includes 40 window displays, a pop-up store, multiple screen displays, an elegant Marchesi café, and Pradasphere: an exhibition that traces the company’s multivalent obsessions.


隨着剛過去的Faberge展覽,踏入五月(不經不覺差不多過了半年),Harrods會於這長達一個月的活動中換上40個櫥窗,一個pop-up store,設置multiscreen顯示,重設Marchesi 餐廳和Pradasphere展覽,以表達品牌在多方面的講究和創意。

Directly alongside the Pradasphere exhibition, is the replica of the legendary Milanese patisserie Marchesi café and restaurant founded in 1824. The wallpaper covering the bar counter features exact replicas of the details and decorations found at the original Marchesi patisserie.

Marchesi Cafe_Pradasphere_Harrods_87A3309
Marchesi Cafe_Pradasphere_Harrods__87A3358
The exhibition on 4/F, Pradasphere is a collection of archival objects arranged to reveal the complex  Prada vision, which manifest in everything from fashion and accessories to art, architecture, film, and culture. The exhibition also includes heritage items from the Prada archives; shoes and bags from past collections organised by theme; examples of exquisite fabrics and materials; a Prada history wall that links the design collections with all of the extracurricular projects, and a screening room presenting short films.
位於4/ F的Pradasphere展覽目的在於表現出品牌對一切由時裝及到配飾、藝術、建築、電影及文化等的見解和視野。展覽還包括品牌過去多年的收藏品,以主題分類的配飾、特別的物材樣板;還有一個集合品牌過去所有與各藝術家、設計師等合作的項目的牆璧,以及一個短片放映室。
Pradasphere_exhibition_harrods__87A3251 Panorama

There's always something fascinating and captivating about the Harrods windows..The windows also reference Prada’s contributions to popular culture, art, architecture, and film, revealing the complexity of the company’s approach to fashion.
Harrods 的櫥窗總有一些有趣和迷人的元素。這次對應了品牌用時裝的多元性對流行文化,藝術、建築及電影作出的貢獻。


Pradasphere at Harrods will be open from May 2 – 29, 2014 at the Knightsbridge store.
Pop-up Store : G/f adjacent to the entrance at the corner of Brompton Road and Hans Crescent.

Pradasphere於2014年5月2日至29日於Knightsbridge總店對外開放。Pop-up store 為於 Brompton Road及Hans Crescent交界的入口。