If you still think there's only fish and chips and awful beer in London, trust me, you haven't met the right person to show you to the right places yet. People often give me a staring astonishing look when I said "all i do is eat and drink in London! there's so many good places to eat!" almost as if I said I saw an alien on the street.

Ok I understand you don't believe, but let me just tell you something-if there's only one place you want to experience what kind of  'good place' I'm talking about, you NEED to know this place.

Sets in the newly refurbished (ok not THAT new.. it opened in Sept 2013)  London Edition hotel , Bernes Tarvern  is THE place you must visit. I've had breakfasts (loads of them), and drinks there, and it doesnt really matter when you visit, because everytime you visit you get a different atmosphere, but you are still mesmerized by it.

Lets not talk about the food for a moment, just walking into the Grand Central station inspired dining room, where the ceilings are so high that you literally need to look up to be able to see the details of the original walls and panellings that has been preserved from the historic building (formerly Bernes Hotel)..Ian Schrager managed to transform the old place into a modern kind of glamourous dining hall, carefully combining the huge chandeliers and photos and paintings into one big room, still managing to create the ample space where you don't ever feel too suffocated by all the interior decoration. I'm not surprised that everytime I bring a friend for breakfast or drinks their first reaction is "Oh my god, wow I love this place- it's beautiful!". It is indeed, and I'm pretty sure I said the exact same thing the first time I had breakfast there..

Now, food. Of course, it's always either pancakes or eggs royal as usual for me. But I've heard too many positive feedback about avocado on toast (with bacon as sides) too… You would have thought at such place, with such decoration and managed by a michelin starred chef, the price must be as high as the BT tower, but in fact it is a very reasonable/ acceptable price range, given the quality of the food and the hotel-quality service you receive.
in case you're interested, here's a breakfast menu for you to decide if it's within your acceptable price range or not.

and drinks? Everyone loves a night out here in London, that's what they do, but like Hong Kong, there are places where you want to avoid, and there are places you want to have an interesting and special cocktail, with a little twist and still be able to have a nice and chill conversation with your friend rather than being trashy drunk among a bunch of college teenagers. If you enjoy the Quinary bar in Hong Kong, you will for sure like having a drink or two here at Bernes at nights. Cocktails are interesting, (can be a little strong depending on your level of alcohol tolerance) and bar bites are delicious too… (not the best combination if you're on diet..or planning to…)

My tips for getting a table there for sure?

RESERVATION IN ADVANCE- Since it's within a hotel, so hotel guests are always priority guests, and it is always a good idea to get a reservation no matter you're heading for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks- they fill up really really quickly and there's really nothing the receptionist can do for you if it's filled.
Try visiting on weekdays- if you're flexible, visit on weekdays as it will be less busy. a breakfast or brunch on a Saturday morning? you may think about it if you haven't already booked. and ad-hoc drinks on a Friday night? look for somewhere else already.

Or? Stay as hotel guest. there are also the punch room  & the Lobby bar to try out if you're a guest.

Oh..and did I say given all the glamourous decoration and the ambience, it isn't intimidating at all? you can still be very relaxed and chilled at any given moment- it is one of those places that you dont feel the pressure to be all formal and strictly dressed up to be there. Needless to say more, it has become one of my favourite places, and still is!

如果你仍然認為倫敦只有炸魚薯條和啤酒,相信我,你還沒有遇見那個帶你去地道的地方的人。每次我說“我在倫敦做得最多的就是吃和喝!那裡有太多好的地方! ”幾乎每個人都驚訝地看着我,猶如我說在街上看見外星人一般。
Bernes Tarvern坐落在重新裝修的(不算太新..它在2013年9月開業)London Edition hotel裡,這是你必須一到的地方。我在這裡吃過很多個早餐和喝酒,但不管甚麼時候每次到這裡都有不同氣氛,但依然被它迷住。
先不談食物,當你走進靈感來自紐約中央車站的餐廳,那裡的天花板高得你要仰視才能看到原來的牆壁和天花的細節,這歷史悠久的建築(原先為Bernes Hotel)一直被保存得很好..而美藉商人/酒店大亨Ian Schrager成功地將這老地方改造成為一個富有魅力且現代化的餐廳,他仔細地將兩個巨型吊燈,照片和畫融入一個房間之中,同時仍有足夠的空間感,在那裡你永遠不覺得太眼花撩亂。每次我帶朋友到這裡他們的第一反應是“哦,我的天,哇我喜歡這個地方,它很美麗! ” 我並不感到驚訝。這的確是很美麗,我敢肯定我第一次到訪時也說了同樣的話..
食物呢?當然我總是要掙扎究竟要pancakes 還是eggs royal ,但我聽說過很個朋友說這裡的牛油果配toast(配煙肉)很好吃…你會以為在這樣的地方,這樣的裝修和由米芝連星級廚師管理的餐廳,價格必定很貴,但實際上相對食物的品質和酒店級的服務,我認為它屬於一個非常合理的/可以接受的價格範圍內。
在倫敦每個人都喜歡晚上出來喝杯酒,這就是他們習慣,但像香港一樣,有些地方你想避免。總會有些地方會有有趣和特殊的cocktails,環境有一點點特別,也可以有一個很好環境與朋友聊天,而不是跟一群十幾歲喝醉了的孩子在胡鬧。如果你喜歡香港的Quinary,你會肯定喜歡在這裡喝一兩杯。這裡的cocktails頗有趣, (酒精的強度取決於你對酒精的接受能力有多高)和小食太好吃了…… (如果你正在節食..或計劃節食…這可能不是最好的組合 )


成為酒店住客也是一個選擇。這裡還有和大堂酒吧和Punch Room。


London EDITION Berners Tavern1
Day & Night of Bernes Tarvern…

EDITION_Berners Tavern IMG_6873
Bar area is cozy yet intimate.                                             my little "Cereal Killer" cocktail that drew everyone's attention.

It's beautiful isnt it?

London Edition Hotel / Bernes Tarvern

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