On a beautiful morning last week, I walked into the Riding House Cafe to meet Elle Tyree, and there she is, beautifully greeting me with the warmest smile that lighten up my day immediately. Having to decide whether we should get panckes or no pancakes was a little difficult, but once the decision has been made, no regrets was taken.

Over breakfast, I discovered that not only Elle is a very down-to-earth girl who's travelled and lived abroad extensively, (Believe it or not, she's lived in Hong Kong and Guangzhou before moving to London!)..she's also very smart and sharp-minded. When it comes to her business and designs, she's no joke about it. Being born as one of the very lucky fews, Elle is blessed with both a creative mind and a practical business mind. Majored in luxury business in University of Kansas, Elle knows exactly what she wants, how she has to do it, and who she is dealing with. From the sketches of her own creative designs, where and how the materials should be sourced (they are all sourced in Europe by the way..), how and who to do the business talk with, and how to stick to her own brand identity…every single thing is carefully planned and executed.

Elle also shared her brain with me about running her business and strategies on branding and brand identity. She is genuinely one of a kind who has the ability to take her own business in her own hands, given the fierce competition that young brands and designers have to face nowadays, knowing the business is definitely a step ahead of the game. Elle showed me 3 of her signature round shape clutches over her delicious pancakes, and I had my difficulty in deciding which one is the prettiest! They are all so pretty, and beautifully hand-stitched, even the lining is a super soft black lamb skin leather…speak about luxury now…

The Caviar

the Majesty
the Sprout

 5 things you need to know about Sophia Beckford the brand, and Elle Tyree the designer :

  1. Sophia Beckford is a London based brand
  2. Designer Elle Tyree is American born
  3. Showings with Corrie Nielsen and Emilio de la Morena at London Fashion Week
  4. Products are handmade in Italy by same manufacturers as Lanvin, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen
  5. Signature round shape clutches have proven most popular

And why calling her brand Sophia Beckford?
it's a little sweet story between Elle and her British husband that charmed her all the way back to the UK from Asia!

Have a look of her beautiful collection and let me know what you think!

倫敦人很喜歡早餐約會,十個有八個公關、設計師等都會約食早餐,上星期當我與Sophia Beckford的Elle Tyree吃早餐時,我們都想了很久是否應該叫panckes,但都慶幸最後點了。(因為Riding House Cafe的pancakes真的很好吃!!)
Elle不僅廣泛地旅行和在不同國家生活過,(她搬到倫敦之前曾住在香港和廣州! )而且是一個非常腳踏實地的女孩..她很聰明,而且頭腦非常銳利。當談到她的業務和設計,她是非常認真的。她是幸運的一群,既具有創意思維和商業頭腦。於University of Kansas主修商科,Elle知道她想要什麼,怎麼做,並且跟誰在對談。從她自己的創意設計,草圖,在那裡及如何採購材料(它們都採自於歐洲..) ,如何及對誰做的商務談判,以及如何堅持自己的品牌identity……每一件事情是經過精心策劃和執行。

關於品牌Sophia Beckford和設計師Elle Tyree的5件事:

  1.     Sophia Beckford是一個倫敦的品牌
  2.     設計師Elle Tyree是在美國出生
  3.     在倫敦時裝週是與Corrie Nielsen及Emilio de la Morena一同展出
  4.     產品都是於意大利以人手製作,與生產Lanvin, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen同一廠家製造
  5.     最受歡迎的產品是品牌signature的圓形clutch

為什麼叫她的品牌Sophia Beckford?

Elle having some fun in Scotland!