Online shopping while watching MTV – I must be really lucky to have all my wishes granted!

Together with London-based fashion insiders System magazine, SSENSE (one of the world's foremost online luxury designer clothing boutiques) joins forces to present an ongoing music video series that pushes the boundaries of both online fashion and online content. Produced collaboratively and premiering bi-weekly on, the films will draw from the worlds of both music video and fashion film to offer a unique synthesis of both parties’ curatorial visions. Hand-picked from every corner of the creative industry by the SSENSE and System teams, a selction of talents will collaborate on both video production and exclusive editorial content produced in support of each project. The result? A consistently engaging digital media channel: the meeting point of music, fashion, and film.

The series debuted with the video for Capitol Records recording artist Sky Ferreira's single "I Blame Myself." A collaborative effort between the SSENSE and System teams, director Grant Singer, and stylist Ian Bradley, the video was shot on location in Los Angeles, California and available exclusively on SSENSE.

and how does it work?
Simply watch the video, and click on the icons "shop this look" anytime any moment you see something you like, and you will be redirected to the page with every single item being worn on the total look, and there you go! ready for purchasing on!
As simple as that!

SSENSE is one of the online luxury designer clothing boutiques, carrying over 200 men's and womenswear collections from designers including Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney.

System is a biannual style publication created and produced in London, United Kingdom.

與倫敦的時裝雜誌System合作, 網上奢侈服裝精品店之一SSENSE推出一個持續的音樂視頻系列,將雙方網上時裝和內容的界限推前一步。每兩星期於ssense.com上播放,是與來自音樂和時裝世界的獨特合成。

該系列首播Sky Ferreira與Capitol唱片公司錄音攝的單曲"I Blame Myself",拍攝於洛杉磯,由導演Grant Singer及造型師Ian Bradley操刀,系列的第一個只在SSENSE.com播放。

很簡單,邊看MTV的同時看到喜歡的造型時按shop the look,就會帶你去到ssense.com含有整個造型單品的購物版面,就是這麼簡單。

SSENSE是網上奢侈服裝精品店,有超過200個男女裝品牌如Alexander McQueen、Givenchy、Lanvin、Saint Laurent、Alexander Wang及Stella McCartney等。



On set with Sky Ferreira:

Sky Ferreira

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